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Privacy Statement
1. Collecting and using of non-personal identifiable information

If you are just browsing the Macau SAR Government DSAL DFP Training website (dfp.cpttm) instead of submitting an application, dfp.cpttm will neither collect nor keep personal identifiable information, such as names and addresses of you.

When you are browsing information from dfp.cpttm, our computer system will record information through Google Analytics, such as your domain name, IP address, access date and time, the pages that you have visited, as well as the domain name of the website that redirected you to dfp.cpttm. Collecting this information will serve to improve the website and for greater convenience to users in the future. No investigation will be launched against the visitor based on the information collected, unless it is found that dfp.cpttm was attacked by these visits.

When using electronic service(s) provided by dfp.cpttm, the software(s) may use “cookies” to record your online activities, in order to customize your way of usage when you revisit the website next time. If the feature of “detecting cookie” is activated in the browser, there will be warning message whenever a cookie is saved.

2. Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal data maybe required if you use the e-service of dfp.cpttm, and the items needed vary with services. When necessary, the data will be transferred to the agency which responds to the service, with your permission. dfp.cpttm will not share your personal data with non-government entity except in responding to your request for service which the arrangement is authorized by the government, the transfer of your personal data will be based upon your permission and all entities must follow this Privacy Statement in the entire process.

To make you more convenient, the information you submitted previously could be displayed in order to save your time from filling in again. Apart from the convenience to users, it is due to the necessity of the service or the agencies responding to the service. You can change the data if they are out of date (e.g. telephone number.)

3. Security of the Personal Information

The Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre (CPTTM), being the co-ordination agency, ensures the staff to comply the regulation, and commits that the process of all personal data is under security procedure and the storage of these data is protected. Personal data will be stored until they will not be served in the purposes of they were collected, or the time-limit of storage as government data is expired, these personal data will be erased according to the relevant regulations.

You have the rights to check and correct your personal data stored in dfp.cpttm, or from the agency that stores your personal data in its website.

4. Hyperlinks to External Website

dfp.cpttm out-links to other websites that belongs to either Macao SAR government agencies, external government or public sectors, local or international private sectors. Clicking hyperlinks that point to other websites means you have left dfp.cpttm. Since the privacy statement of these websites may differ from dfp.cpttm, we do not take any responsibility to the contents and the privacy policies of those websites, so you are advised to check those privacy statements when necessary.

5. Change to this Statement

The revised Privacy Statement will be posted without any prior notice if changes are made, and the revising date will be printed in the page.

updated: 2021-05-21